Wednesday, August 26, 2009



suara waktu berdenting..


Saat waktu berdetik...

Aku disini


waktu berdegup umpama hati..

Selama mana aku bernafas

aku akan sentiasa mengingatnya..


hujan membasahi..

aku terkenang hanya dirinya...

Andai bisa

inginku berlari

mendapatkan waktu dan kenanganan

bersama dirinya


" i would rather have had one breath of his hair , one kiss from his mouth , one touch of his hand , than eternity without it . one "
" you are more than just an angel ,
you are always there no matter what .
you are a gift from god to me ,
to help me stand when i'm crippled ,
to help me speak when i'm silenced ,
to help me see when i'm blinded ,
to help me think when i couldnt .
i clearly do not deserve you yet here you stand with me through it all ,
i wouldnt want anything more in life .
you're all i need and nothing matters more than you "